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Fellow punter,

Imagine being able to select a horse race where it is “easy” to pick the winner?

"Impossible" you say... well I disagree! keep reading and i'll share with you A Formula So Powerful you'll have to be extremely careful when, where and how you use it!

My name is James Croft, my mates call me “Crofty” and those that know what I do for a living call me “Crafty Crofty”.

What do I do for a living?

I bet on the horses, more accurately I WIN on the horses!

When you look at what I’ve achieved over the last 2 years I’m sure you’ll agree, its as near as you’ll get when it comes to horse racing:

Profit Per Month (Points Based)

Febuary 2013 +17.84pts
March 2013 +6.83pts
April 2013 +41.43.pts
May 2013 +31.96pts
June 2013 +83.71pts
July 2013 +11.32pts
August 2013 +4.78pts
September 2013 +6.89pts
October 2013 +9.74pts
November 2013 +37.82pts
December 2013 +19.47pts

11 profitable months and a total of +271.79pts profit.

To small £10 stakes, that’s £2,717.90 profit.

To my level £50 stakes that’s £13,589.50!

Into 2014 I doubled my stakes from £50 to £100

January 2014 +8.47pts
Febuary 2014 +11.64pts
March 2014 +43.87pts
April 2014 +1.7pts
May 2014 +34.67pts
June 2014 +12.76pts
July 2014 +3.78pts
August 2014 +109.64pts
September 2014 +54.73pts
October 2014 +14.04pts
November 2014 -12.74pts
December 2014 +5.67pts

12 months, 11 profitable months and 288.23pts profit, to my £100 stakes a lovely return of £28,823.00

Last Year and more of the same...

January 2015 +17.62pts
Febuary 2015 -4.59pts
March 2015 +22.87pts
April 2015 +13.91pts
May 2015 +22.5pts
June 2015 +16.4pts
July 2015 -12.82pts
August 2015 +23.88pts
September 2015 +91.6pts
October 2015 +13.22pts
November 2015 +4.82pts
December 2015 -7.8pts


So in 2015, 9 profitable months from 12 and a profit of £20,161.00 (201.61pts profit)

2016 has been another solid year so far with 7 profitable months from 9 with a total profit of 204.71pts and another £20,471 added to the bank.

January 2016 +11.72pts
Febuary 2016 +9.76pts
March 2016 +29.72pts
April 2016 +40.27pts
May 2016 -19.76pts
June 2016 +22.11pts
July 2016 +42.37pts
August 2016 -11.82pts
September 2016 +80.34pts

Now we're looking to beat 2014's total of £28,823 for our best year yet!


Some people believe it's impossible to predict the outcome of a horse race.

“There’s too many variables” they’ll say.

In some cases they are right. Some races you just cannot predict accurately.

But what happens when you narrow down these races to ones that CAN BE predicted accurately??

The answer is simple, what happens is that you profit…


What my formula does is allow me to quickly identify which races I can predict the winner in.

It's something that I have been working on for 2 whole years before 2013 and I’ll be honest, the results went up and down like a roller coaster.

But it paid off.

So What Do I Do Once I Have These Races?

I analyse the whole field.
One by one, horse by horse.
This allows me to beat the competition 46% of the time!
It may not sound a high percentage but I’m sure the profit figures above disagree.


If this won over 60% of the time, I’d have had more letters like the one I recieved in the post from Betfred last year!



They were kind enough to post me a letter so in return I sent them this email.

"To avoid this situation happening again, I simply spread my bets across 5 different bookies, all ones you’ll have heard of and probably have accounts with"

Now, I’ve been asked for my formula or even parts of my formula before and I’ll tell you what I told them…


But what I will do, to prove how good it is, is send you my selections, the very selections that my Beat The Competition Formula produces.


At the end of the year, when there are reviews all over the place about how accurate and profitable this is, I will sell

my formula, but I’ll tell you now, it won’t be cheap!

That’s my end game, my early retirement. Before I can do that I need more than my word of how good it is.

That said, I can only allow 50 people access to my tips. [for 2 reasons]

1. I want 50 people to make as much as possible and selling to more will effect the odds.

2. If I offer them to anyone who wants them, it will diminish the value of the formula.

So with that being said...

If you do, then get in on the action today! my advice will be sent via email from the day you start and every day (around 9.30am) untill you decide that making money is just not fun anymore. If that (ever) happens we can part ways knowing that we absolutely crushed the competition and fleeced the bookmakers for £1000's.

I’m sure you’ve heard claims of profit after profit after profit before, so I don’t even want to charge you a lot and

will of course give you a full 2 months money back guarantee.

Join today and you can get your first month for just £9.95.

After 1 month if you want to carry on, trust me you will, the price will go to £19.95 per month and stay at that level.

Like I said, this is for the first 50 people only and after that the doors will close. To get access to this again you’ll

have to wait until the end of the year bid on my formula with everyone else who wants it. Or if I decide to

keep running a tips service, pay a hell of a lot more.


Do you want to profit on the horses? If so...

One LOW starting Payment of £9.95, a RISK-FREE 60 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, a 24/7 customer support center and WINNER AFTER WINNER

Go ahead and click “Start Now” right now and lets start making you some REAL betting profits!

I look forward to you becoming a member and adding my service to your winning portfolio.

I sincerely hope to see you on the other side.

P.S. I have a small but dedicated team of people with knowledge of the races (including myself) on-call 24/7 to help you with ANY problems you have. Anything from how to place a bet, technical advice, to any questions you may have about the service… they’re ready to help you win.

P.P.S-  Remember: your purschase is backed by 60 day money back guarantee so If you don't like it, just let me know, and I'll refund you every single penny straight away!

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